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Dominican Rap Artist Pla La Sustancia land’s a record deal with Ultra Mega Music and a Publishing deal with Solo E Group and RM Music Publishing and talks about his upcoming / latest projects.

The young and upcoming bright rap star from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic “Pla La Sustancia” has dawned. The Latin Rap Artist just signed a record deal with the well respected Indie label “ULTRAMEGA MUSIC” found by the famous Latin rapper “Quimico Untra Mega”. The same day Pla also landed a Publishing and Administration deal with the North American base company SOLO E GROUP and the Latin America base company RM MUSIC PUBLISHING whom are affiliates of ULTRA MEGA MUSIC and SOLO E GROUP, LLC. After signing the contracts the rapper said “I believe deep in my heart that there’s a bright future ahead of me working under these companies, ending with his famous quote #EstoEsUltraMegaMusic”.

On Sunday (October 7), the rapper, whose forename is Jesus Natanael Pla Rosario, posted on Instagram, “Bueno… IT’S MY TIME,” and then set motion to poke his fans with a one-minute click from his new song/music video, the title of which has yet to be announced.

Pla La Sustancia’s most recent record, “La Baba Y el 15” released in 2021, feat. Spain top Rapper “El Jincho”, debuted at №17 on the YouTube Trending 200 chart from Dominican Republic where it remained for 2 consecutive weeks, gaining over 700,000 plus views.

When asked about how he’ll define a successful career for his next market project, Pla responded that it driven from the excitement and ardor he feels about sharing latest works experience of musical art with the new world not just locally but world-wide vast. “So my eagerness to make the next music project means that this last one ‘La Baba Y el 15’ was very successful to me,” Pla said. “I will like to do this music thing endlessly. And even so I might get side tracked as I evolve music will always be right next to me. I’m not going to walk away from it.”